iTV? Apple TV in a TV? Living Room iMac? Child, please…

Apple’s Not Making An iTV, They Are Just Bringing The iMac To The Living Room [Analyst] | Cult of Mac.

You know, I just shake my head everytime I hear some unnamed source quoting some unnamed supply chain expert claiming that once again, Apple is FER SURE shipping a TV.

People…let’s try this again.

What kind of markets does Apple enter with new products? Profitable ones.

What kind of market is the consumer TV business? A craptastic one.

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How to Setup your Harmony Remote Control – Part 5


Thanks for joining The ‘Pimp for the final installment in the series on pimping out your Harmony Remote. Sure, it took a long time, but you know how life can get all up in ya. Busier than a beaver in spring, so cut me some slack, mkay?

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Pioneer Launches Two New AirPlay-Equipped Home Systems | Cult of Mac

Pioneer Launches Two New AirPlay-Equipped Home Systems

With all the hype about Airplay, you’d think there would be more devices by now. But the reality has been a little less than the glowing predictions would have led us to believe. Yes, even The ‘Pimp fell prey to the irrational exuberance emanating from the Reality Distortion Field.

While I like the idea of a system that can stream using AirPlay and DLNA (we’re bilingual here), this seems a bit pricey. You could buy a complete HTIB with that kinda money, although it’s a nice trick to have these features built-in.

Still, I think it would be more useful to AirPlay in a TV, so you could get that video love. But TV makers are already having trouble keeping costs in line building in GoogleTV, Boxee, and their own SmartTV guts into new TVs. Anything that eats into the already slim profit margins on TVs is a tough sell, and I don’t think Apple can escape this reality either. Add to that, consumers are lukewarm on the extra wizz-bang.

I’m sure the chipsets for AirPlay support are pretty cheap, but why would TV makers provide another way to bypass their own struggling SmartTV efforts? They are trying to get into the “app store” game too. Why give that over to Apple?

Wish all we want, but I doubt it’s going to happen anytime soon. Who knows, maybe they make their own TVs?

Maybe not.


Google, Motorola, and Fandroid Dreams of TV Glory

android propeller head

This week’s Pimp Bag of Hurt comes to the doorstep of Google, in the form of a merger that has all the Fandroids drooling. Now, don’t get me wrong, as an official iFanBoy, I don’t hate Android at all. The marketplace ain’t some episode of The Highlander, so there can be room for many. It’s a democracy. Choose for yourself.

Now, the proposed purchase of Motorola brings more than handset manufacturing and patents, it also means Google would own the largest maker of traditional digital cable set top boxes. Well, that little bit of news made all the Android lovers dream of the possibilities. GoogleTV in set top boxes! Android Marketplace on TV! Holographic 4D interfaces with Google+ brainwave control!

Ok, so maybe not that last one, but you get the idea. Dreams often run ahead of reality, so let The ‘Pimp lay it down proper.

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How to Setup your Harmony Remote Control – Part 4

(Click to enlarge)

The Digital Pimp’s back in the flow, here to bring you mo’. About time, huh? How long has this installment been delayed? Well, the true essence of Pimpin’ is making money, and I do have a demanding career to attend to. But ya know, I’d rather be doing this.

So let’s get to it, shall we?

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Steve Jobs, Exit, Stage Left




Well, the ‘Pimp has been away for a long time, so you know it would take something monumental to end his uncharacteristically long silence. Steve Jobs’ resignation is just that.

Monumental, but not at all surprising. Anyone who saw his last keynote could tell you that this day was coming soon. He looked frail. His voice was weak. And those of us who pay attention worried about this day coming. Would the stock tank? Would there be a power struggle? Will the company lose its edge?

There’s been more than enough punditry on these points, but that won’t stop The ‘Pimp from adding his voice to the sound of the crowd.

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How to Setup your Harmony Remote Control – Part 3


Thanks for sticking with The ‘Pimp as we explore the many options for setting up the Harmony Remote. If you’ve been reading along, then you know the basics, but now it’s time to get a little deeper. In this part of the tutorial, we’ll explore the complete configuration that controls all the gear in CribMac 2.0. And trust me, that’s a lotta gear.

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Hacking NetFlix : Star Trek Streaming Starting in July?

Hacking NetFlix : Star Trek Streaming Starting in July?.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Desktop via

So, it’s not much of a surprise that The ‘Pimp would be a huge sci-fi fan, particularly fond of Star Trek. But that’s a loaded choice. Which one?

Now, if you ask my brother, there are none higher than Kirk. Granted, he’s an old codger. Can’t begrudge him not getting with the new shizz. But for me, DS9 was the top (and why not? BSG creator Ron Moore worked a lot on DS9). Despite that fact, The Next Generation was excellent as well after a mostly derivative start. Yet one of my buddies seems to like Enterprise the best, which I can’t just see.

Well, arguments may rage on, but Netflix seems to be serving all the competing geek camps by streaming every single series. This is quite cool, since I can consume a hell of a lot of DS9 in a short time, so waiting for DVDs won’t cut it. No matter your fave, Netflix has you covered by summer.