Hacking NetFlix : Star Trek Streaming Starting in July?

Hacking NetFlix : Star Trek Streaming Starting in July?.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9 Desktop via kollewin.com

So, it’s not much of a surprise that The ‘Pimp would be a huge sci-fi fan, particularly fond of Star Trek. But that’s a loaded choice. Which one?

Now, if you ask my brother, there are none higher than Kirk. Granted, he’s an old codger. Can’t begrudge him not getting with the new shizz. But for me, DS9 was the top (and why not? BSG creator Ron Moore worked a lot on DS9). Despite that fact, The Next Generation was excellent as well after a mostly derivative start. Yet one of my buddies seems to like Enterprise the best, which I can’t just see.

Well, arguments may rage on, but Netflix seems to be serving all the competing geek camps by streaming every single series. This is quite cool, since I can consume a hell of a lot of DS9 in a short time, so waiting for DVDs won’t cut it. No matter your fave, Netflix has you covered by summer.




ZatzNotFunny | No Joke, “Premium” Movie VOD To Run $30

No Joke, “Premium” Movie VOD To Run $30.

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First was the battle between TV affiliates wanting more money from cable distributors, leading to embarrassing channel outages while disputes unfolded in the courts. Continue reading “ZatzNotFunny | No Joke, “Premium” Movie VOD To Run $30”